Meet Our Team.

Here at Generate U, we make great things happen. We empower people while being people-powered. None of what we accomplish could be done without the talents and contributions of our gifted team- say hello to our team below:

Meet Our Founders:

Trevor Stevenson

Partner & Co-Founder
"Trevor is our team's double-threat: both a visionary and entrepreneur. His natural ability to connect with professionals and individuals on a personalized level is what drives him to excellence."

Trevor's story began with and still revolves around leadership. Trevor grew up on a farm where only hard work, consistency and teamwork prevailed. Fast-forward to today, he has led countless individuals and professionals in work and play; this included travel, silviculture, business, community and sport.

In 2004, Trevor and his wife, Dale, founded The Leadership Group. Trevor's focus lies primarily on conscious-communication and leadership coaching programs for individuals, teams and organizations. He is proud of his team's track record for challenging and supporting leaders in top-tier private sector industries, public health care service, and the education curriculum.

Trevor is best known for his uncompromising focus and determination executed with creativity and wit. He is a dynamic public speaker, coach and facilitator. Paired with his expansive travel experience, Trevor conducts poetry, practices many sports and is known to be an inventor.

Through extensive travel in his young adult years, Trevor had discovered that his personal goal is to help young people develop the skills and confidence to create a meaningful and fulfilling life for themselves- to get paid to do what you love.

Peter Georgariou

Partner & Co-Founder
"Strategy and Numbers Go Hand-In-Hand; That's Why Peter Is Our Team's Business Executive. His Calm and Approachable Demeanor Make Him Invaluable As the Force of Business Development".
“I love to learn, and I try to do things better today than I did them yesterday”.  

Armed with not only potent academia, (EMBA) but also over ten years of management experience in the broadcast industry, it was a natural step that Peter ventured onto running a strategic business consultant practice, and furthermore on to Generate U’s ambitious mission to helping shape the perspectives of young people.

Before his recent commitments, at the very beginning of his career, Peter managed operations and sales for Ottawa-Gatineau radio stations- growth for him was inevitable.

He quickly went from managing a team of three peers to a staggering to twenty-five different radio stations across the region; including fifteen sales managers and over one-hundred sales people.

“Concretely, I believe my strongest quality to be my ability to identify potential in both my colleagues and situations and subsequently nurture them to help them grow. I work hard on developing new strategies to enhance our execution, develop new products and service channels to drive profitability and foster an environment of success for my fellow peers”.

His brainchild, (Karma Dharma) to this day, continues to help numerous businesses across the Ottawa-Gatineau region find business clarity and the steps necessary to achieve them. Naturally, a lot of these macroscopic values translated over to Generate U.

Peter is fierce with numbers and has the skills and academia necessary to help Generate U grow past it’s capacity- to reach new vistas and open up more channels to reach even more people in need of clarity.

Once you meet Peter, you quickly become acquainted with his insurmountable passion and love about developing strategy and talent and surpassing any obstacle put in front of him.

Meet Our Director:

Jessica Saulnier-Porter

Director of Operations
"Jessica is a multi-disciplinary and focused leader, coordinator and facilitator- a strong action-taker and a chronic organizer with a recent baccalaureate majoring in Woman’s Studies and a minor in Communications- (Honors). It is no surprise that she is our highly-potent Director of Operations".

Possessing experience as a Program Coordinator with the City of Ottawa, Jessica discovered her passion for helping people and loves to see people soar because of their own potential. Jessica’s uncompromising focus and success-oriented nature makes her a seamless fit for Generate U. Jessica is no stranger to challenges and will stop at nothing to retrieve success for anybody on the team.

“I always strive to help others in need. I sincerely think that Generate U’s underlying messages conveyed through their various programs will make a huge difference in the life of others; it not only targets the hot questions of ‘Where are you going in life?’ or ‘What are you going to do with your education?’; it really evokes the person to challenge the ‘why’ and rethink their status quo."

Jessica sincerely believes that she can be instrumental in helping Generate U fulfill its vision to help kids, youth and young adults achieve their dreams through self-discovery.

"I think that by having them apply to any of our programs will enrich their lives- little by little the informed student will start to see change and truly achieve happiness.”

Want to Get Involved?

While we empower people, we are also people-powered! Here's how you can make a difference for not only Generate U, but our community as a whole:

2018 Dream Team Summit,
Bell High School,
Ottawa, ON