Experience. Reflect. Apply.
It's What We're All About.

We're not just another educational organization- we connect our students with authentic experience and instill personal awareness. This ultimately leads to unprecedented confidence. Through many years of research and refinement, we have carefully developed new experiences both within the public school curriculum and out.

Founded originally by Trevor Stevenson, it was ironically discovered on a mission of his own self-discovery. Realizing that the standard path of post-secondary wasn't for him, he sought out his answers abroad and learned his true passion was empowering youth/young adults through genuine experiences that reflect themselves.

Not long after, upon his return to Ottawa, he met Peter Georgariou an experienced business leader who wanted to grow and impact more people directly. Trevor quickly met Peter through a series of fortunate networking connections.

Once Peter had learned what Trevor wished to do, he immediately got on board and they got to work. Generate U officially launched in 2013 offering numerous programs to all ages. They offered programs ranging from emotional discovery to financial literacy, and enjoyed many great successes connecting with the Ottawa-Gatineau community.

Utilizing their connections from their other companies- (running concurrent to Generate U), they were able to establish a strong board of directors, and acquire the generous resources of like-minded partners.

In 2017, through a fortuitous reach out, Jessica Saulnier-Porter, our (unknowing) Director of Operations reached out for experience in her area of study. Quickly, Jessica's resourcefulness helped Generate U reach new distribution channels, opened new doors and reached new vistas. Jessica and several professionals had reassessed the existing programs, and through refinement and further integration with the Social and Emotional Learning Component, strengthened their programs. Jessica is now currently the overseer of the day-to-day operations whilst improving course offerings and maintaining our rapport with partners and stakeholders.

Currently, Generate U's track record of relevancy and innovation have been undisturbed. With success in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB), Studio de Danse Danielle (Gatineau) and several others, our programs are now reaching and helping more and more youth prepare for the future challenges set ahead.
"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."
-Benjamin Franklin

Want to Get Involved?

While we empower people, we are also people-powered! Here's how you can make a difference for not only Generate U, but our community as a whole:

2018 Dream Team Summit,
Bell High School,
Ottawa, ON